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Keen to learn but day-long workshops don’t suit?

Our lean six sigma online courses are easy to join, easy to follow, and contain a variety of learning materials to suit all learning styles.

Courses are facilitated via live interactive webinar and are customised to your needs. The webinar recording and supporting files and data sets are available to you after course completion.

The learning objective for each course is to enable you to apply the principles and techniques, learned in the webinars, in your own work environment.

    Available courses

    On this course you will learn that lean and six sigma are about teamwork, process management and customer service. Lean six sigma enables all employees to work in collaborative teams to improve process performance and increase customer satisfaction. A Green Belt (GB) project leader is capable of leading a cross-functional team through a series of formal project and problem solving steps. GB projects are short-projects (c. 8 – 20 weeks) that result in customer satisfaction and cost savings or additional revenue for the organization.

    This course is designed to enable all participants, regardless of sector or previous education, to certify as a lean six sigma Green Belt. The course consists of a series of facilitated online live webinars, interactive exercises, assignments and project work. Your knowledge builds in a step wise fashion and you will be supported and encouraged throughout your learning journey.

    The Lean approach to organization management enables all personnel to work in collaborative teams, to error proof and standardize process steps. Customer satisfaction grows & costs fall.

    Six Sigma is a team-based approach to continuous improvement that reduces variation in an organisation’s processes.  Six Sigma combines programme management, team-based project management and problem-solving analysis in the continuous review and revision of processes that deliver value to customers.

    A Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt candidate has completed a basic level of training in process problem solving techniques. He/she is able to work in collaborative teams to problem solve, improve processes, and to support Green Belts. Yellow belts are expected to work in teams and resolve low level local problems on an on-going basis. 

    This interactive series of online workshops introduces DOE to development chemists, engineers, managers, and technicians. The focus is on the practical application of this essential product and process development tool.

    The course covers factor selection, experiment design and execution, and visual statistical analysis and on how modern DOE software packages (e.g. Minitab) can help. In addition to online simulation tool, a detailed case study is used to deepen student learning.

    Duration: 8 modules of 120 mins (2 hours) each, with a 10 minute break in middle of each module

    Format: Interactive webinar, with file downloads, case studies and assignments

    Participant application: Microsoft Excel (or Google Docs) and Minitab or JMP desirable for some modules.

    Join us on this learning journey through Lean Tools and their Application. You will discover the meaning and uses of 5S workplace organization, identifying the 7 wastes and A3 problem solving.  You will receive simple and effective tips for improving processes, increasing customer satisfaction and lowering costs. The online lean course is made up of a series of short interactive 60-minute webinars. Each webinar provides an introduction to the topic, some case studies and has an interactive quiz at the end. They are designed to be a practical and fun way to learn about lean. The webinars are run at regular intervals, so you can pick and mix a selection of webinars at times that suit yourself.

    Lean thinking is an approach to teamwork, problem solving, process management and workplace organisation that increases productivity. It also increases revenue through focus on customer needs and superior customer service. At the same time costs are reduced as the processes that deliver value to customers become simpler and safer to operate. The course content can be tailored to suit your organization, with relevant case studies, quizzes and data sets for assignments. Lean Ireland online lean course designers and facilitators are certified lean six sigma black belts with several years' experience in facilitating lean implementation in a wide variety of sectors. If you'd like more details on customization, please call us or send an email.